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St. Vivekanand Public School St. Vivekanand Public School is one of the most prestigious schools in India. This School is affiliated to C.B.S.E vide Affiliation No. 2130819. It is a Co-educational, ENGLISH MEDIUM institution and school number is 54289.

Little About Us

St. Vivekanand Public School The school has successfully provided all children a broad, balanced and rewarding curiculam. The School progress report card has the students photograph which reflects our innovative skill and potential.

Our Desk

Mr. President     President St. Vivekanand Public School Education for Life, Excellence in Education to a meaningful Education .

Mr. Manager     Manager The aim of the school is to motivate the children for learning and preparing them to face the challenges.

Mr. Principal     Principal Our School is dedicated to the preparation of a child for life in the new millennium. It provides a better learning environment to each child /pupil.

School Facilities

Co-curricular activities: Healthy Competition are the integral part of learning. It brings out the best in pupils and provides them with opportunities to shed off their inhibitions." Co-curricular activities are inseparable part of school education. Games, Sports Cultural Activities, Excursion, Art and Craft Dance and Music, Work Experience, Seminars Dramatics, Elocution, etc. are a part of our syllabus. Social and useful productive work finds a significant place in the School Curriculum.

Unique School Library: Library is the heart and Soul to the school. Adequate Library facilities are provided to the student. The school has a very rich Library, having lot of books on all relevant subjects. New papers (Hindi s English), Magazines and periodicals are available in plenty for the use of the students and teachers.

Well -equipped Computer Labs: A child can do a thing any number of times because practice is fun. The computer provides such fun situation Very spacious, Airy Well Ventilated Labs with well furnished and designed furniture is available for junior and senior students. Highly qualified teacher are available to teach and guide these students.

Transport and park Facilities: Transport facility fully monitored from stop to stop is provided. A fleet of buses of the school runs for the transportation of students for mains routes subject to payment of Conveyance fees fore twelve months. A vast spacious well shaded cycle/vehicle stand is available on contract basis.

Music and Dance : Music is the universal language of mankind. It is instrumental in refining the senses. Culture activities are held under the able guidance of a well-qualified and experienced teacher. our student have won several prestigious honors in several Regional and National programmers and competitions.

Medical Care : Student health is monitored by an experienced and well qualified Doctor. In the event of sudden illness or accidents students get immediate First Aid and needful care.

Well furnished School Canteen: The School maintains a well furnished canteen for the convenience of teachers and students. The contractor of the school canteen provides healthy refreshment like tea, coffee, soft drink etc on payment during interval only. The Canteen remains open during school hours or as per instructions.

School Mission

Aims & Objectives The School aims to achieve holistic development ie. physical, mental, social etc. in scholastic and non scholastic activities through the following ways (i) P.T,, (ii) Games & Sports (iii) Music, Dance & Drawing, (iv)Outing & Excursions, (v) Social gatherings & different type of functions (vi) Competitions and above all interactive teaching. The School provides the fullest possible opportunity to a student to develop his \her all round personality in addition to scholarly pursuits.

Salient Features

Salient Features The School provides the fullest possible opportunity to a student to develop his \her all round personality in addition to scholarly pursuits. Our School greets all such parents who want to provide the desired education to their ward/s.


The following Downloads should be download for registration form and propectus:

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Admission Procedure
  • Prospectus along with registration form is available in the school office.
  • Children below the age of 3+ will not be admitted and the school sets a maximum age limit for each class.
  • It is essential for new scholars to have a sufficient knowledge of English(spoken and written) to enable them to enter fully into the work of the classes for which their age qualifies them.


The following enclosures should compulsorily to be attached with the registration form:

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School Gallery

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Contact Form

Contact Address

St. Vivekanand Public School SADABAD Hathras,
Uttar Pradesh ,281306

Recommendation To Parents

(a) Parents are expected to co-operate in the efforts of the school regarding reqularity, punctuality discipline and at promoting the entire development of the child with respect to adjustment to the environment,personal growth and training for homework and civiclife.

Please Ensure (i) That children bring their diaries, note-books school. These should be properly maintained.
(ii) That children do their homework regulary.
(iii) That chirdren do not bring expensive articles, jewellery, money etc to school.The school cannot be responsible if these are lost or stolen.
(iv) That children suffering from infections diseases are kept at home for the required quarantine period.
(v) That children are vaccinated and inoculated against infectious diseases.
(vi) That children do not give any gifts in cash or kind to any employee of the school.
(vii) That children do not drive mopends, scooters etc. The only mode of conveyance permitted for students to ride to school is a bicycle.

(b) Parents and guardians should visit the teachers on the second Saturday of every month to discuss matters of interest.

(c) Parents must impress upon their children that they should at no time, under any circumstances leave the school ground during school hours without the Princicpal's permission or after school with any one but the person entrusted with the responsibility of taking him/her home. If the child fails to comply and runs away or leaves, the school cannot be held responsible.

(d) parents will not be allowed to enter a class room to speak to a teacher while a class is in progress. This disturbs the class and often upsets the children.

(e) Parents will not be allowed to take their children home during school hours. Parents will save embarrassment to the principal and disappointment to themselves by not asking for exemption to this rule.

(f) Parents must inform the school incase there is a change of residence and telephone number.

Contact Information

SADABAD Hathras,
Uttar Pradesh ,281306
Phone: 05661-283330